The Art of Traction

A pragmatic approach to actualizing your cravings, desires, and commitments to social change.

Welcome to the Art of Traction 

We're a crew of renegade leaders, humans, and folx who are coming together to vision more equitable futures, practice the art and craft of Future Writing™ (you DO NOT have to be a writer to do so!!), take action without compromise, and build sovereignty for ourselves and others.  

In this space there are a few offerings.
- An anti-capitalist, give back, sliding scale community which includes six days a future writing sessions, near daily Momentum Facilitated Co-Working Sessions, Monthly Money Momentum Calls, and more.  

-HeartFirst Movement Classes:  a mindbody connection practice focused on self-care, and generative embodiment for leaders & business owners. 

-Profit on Purpose:  A self-paced income and financial planning course that gives you greater access to your capacity, what you're building, and why you're building it.  

-The Sovereign CEO Circle:  a group coaching container to realign with your commitments/values, anchor your vision, expand your capacity for increased income, and cultivate a new relationship to the patriarchal notion of 'goal setting' by cultivating a new way.  Coming soon.

Who is this community for?

Our space is queer friendly, white supremacy fighting, non-ableist, NOT gender normative, and definitely not capitalist focused (even though many of us make good money doing what we do).  We're all working to build a better world and we NEVER say what you desire is impossible, or even improbable.  We center the experience of humans who identify or were socialized as women, but do not exclude men or non-binary folks from other identities and centers.

This space is for brave or brave seeking humans.  For corporate leaders looking to create more equitable, kind, and just spaces for their people.  People seeking wholeness outside of systems of oppression.
For entrepreneurs wanting to re-anchor their commitments to change/social justice/etc into their work

Pssst...This community starts at $27 a month on a sliding scale.  The *perceived value* of the space is $77 a month.  We ask you to pick your monthly level based on your capacity.  

To join:

Upon joining, you'll also get access to Future Writing.

Our sliding scale does not require income verification. #accesswithoutverifyingincome is crucial for more equitable futures.

(We used to say 'fuck no' to sliding scale.  But unfortunately, do the fuckery of capitalism we had to bring it back in.  We do not like that it requires people to self-identify  income/capacity, but when we left it to the user to decide, almost everyone paid lower than what could be sustainable for the space to continue to exist.)

Who is the human who created this container?

I'm Makenna Held.  A mama, writer, entrepreneur, wife, an advocate for sovereignty, and equitable leadership coach.  I'm most known for being the woman who bought Julia Child's former summer home in the South of France, La Pitchoune, where I created the Courageous Cooking School.  A recipe-free, sovereignty focused cooking school.  But frankly?  That is the least interesting thing about me or my work.  

The Art of Traction is the home for my work in community development, equitable leadership, neuromuscular integration, movement, business acumen, deconditioning patriarchy, re-imagining new economic futures, quantum physics as practical analysis, and Anti-Racism as practice.  (Please note:  I am not an anti-racism educator, my work is about embodying anti-racist practice and theory into my/your praxis.). It's focused on praxis, and it the collation of over two decades of work, synthesis, and percolation.

A long time entrepreneur and writer, I built the Art of Traction Conservatory as a haven for people who have visions that veer from the norm and to teach my life-transforming, world making practice of Future Writing™ to as many humans as possible.

The audacious goal of the AoTC?  To replace the *need* for corporate social media, and cultivate a community of at least 100,000 changemakers in one place that can connect, discuss entrepreneurship, sovereignty, and expanding capacity for doing our vision-led work. For radical community, cultivation of skills, expansion of collective capacity, and to create more income, sovereignty, and recenter voices that are often decentered.

To join:

Upon joining, you'll also get access to Future Writing.

Our Giveback and Transparency Pledge

The Art of Traction Community is a transparent, anti-racist, anti-oppression space that is working to cultivate new ways of being in a capitalist system.

We run on a 100% profit giveback model, and provide transparent information regarding compensation. We currently do not have enough members for the fund, but once we reach $9000 in monthly revenue, the fund will be established. (This requires between 200 or so members depending on financial level chosen).

Our giveback campaign is 60% of profits go to an angel investment fund, and 40% to a community care fund.

Angel Investment Fund:  The fund is available to any business, but focused first on members within the space, priority given to BIPOC and Queer owned businesses.  Then BIPOC and Queer owned business outside the space.  And finally any other business.  60% of any profits MADE from the investments goes back INTO the angel investment fund.  40% belongs to the company. 

Community Care Fund:  The majority of this fund is set aside for members who are struggling financially and are at risk of losing their homes/are in need of food and have exhausted other options. Once the fund is exhausted each month, the rest goes to supporting our community members in various forms.

Compensation:  We pay our facilitators a minimum of $50 an hour. And our lowest paid staff member is $20 an hour (for admin tasks), and is also a facilitator (where she makes $50 an hour).

The CEO to lowest paid member ratio will NEVER top 10x. We also publish current compensation information inside the community each quarter–including the CEO's total take home salary from the space, and all other range of incomes within the space.

To join:

Upon joining, you'll also get access to Future Writing. 

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